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Improve the precision of packaging machinery manuf

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In recent years, the development of China's packaging industry is very rapid, but from the technical level point of view, 20 years behind the advanced countries.However, my foreign pumping vacuum packaging machine after 20 years of development, has become the rapid development of China's packaging industry Strong protection and machinery industry in one of the top ten industries.China's packaging machinery variety, but mostly rely on each other to imitate the production, no prominent features, the lack of high precision products, can not meet the market demand, the lack of competition in the international market China's packaging machinery in the face of opportunities at the same time also faced with heavy problems.China's packaging industry, the lack of capital investment and the lack of professional and technical personnel, but also the lack of large-scale production scale products of high enterprises.
China's packaging machinery from the eighties began to start, start late, and now the packaging machinery manufacturing precision is still not high enough, the design style is relatively simple. Equipment processing accuracy is not enough, processing technology and the level of uneven, with foreign Products, we can eliminate the current low efficiency and low consumption of low-grade products, and strive to research and development of high efficiency and low consumption of high-tech products in the function, due to the diversification of industrial and agricultural products, packaging machinery Products should also be the direction of product development.

China's macroeconomic and micro-surface situation is now a good situation, social demand will be a steady growth situation, with the packaging products consumption, will promote the packaging industry's technological progress and rapid development, so the prospects for packaging machinery is brilliant. China's packaging machinery in many ways can not let the user satisfaction, the design also has considerable room for improvement.

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